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Emmetts Ropes can supply you with Custom Made towlines and bridles ranging from small to large scale applications. We use either 3-strand, 8-Strand, 12-Strand or Double Braid rope depending on what rope type is best suited to your application. For large applications we can supply you with a full range of Polypropylene 8 Strand Hawsers which come standard with a eye spliced in each end of a 220mtr coil. Sizes range from 24mm – 120mm nominal diameter. We can provide cut lengths to meet your requirments, when longer ropes are required we can join coils via buttsplice or longsplice techniques.

For large tow applications, Emmetts Ropes can supply Polyester Double Braid to 100mm, suitable for Tugs with up to 100 tonne bollard pull and SK75 Dyneema grommets to suit. We also offer a repair service for large towlines, this service has been utilised by several Tug and Salvage companies with great success (subject to overall rope condition). 

For the smaller scale applications we can make mooring line sets from Double Braid Polyester in sizes up to 50mm, Polyethylene sets in rope up to 48mm.

Towing, Mooring, Hawsers » towing