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Since 1970's

Emmett's Ropes

Emmetts Ropes has been involved in the soft rope industry in Brisbane since the 1970s. We offer a full cutting and splicing service, sale of cut lengths and full coils of rope with the ability to meet your deadlines and delivery schedules. We also offer a mobile splicing service with the capability to do onsite repairs. We specialise in custom and unique applications, providing a personal service with a long track record of success. 

Some of our products are listed below

  • Cargo Nets (B.S.6756:1986) up to 20,000kg SWL
  • Safety Nets (Marine Orders Part 21).
  • Pilot Ladders (A.S.2933:1987)
  • Embarkation Ladders (A.S.2934:1987)
  • Mooring Lines, Anchor Ropes, Tow Lines, Tow Bridles, Heaving Lines
  • Scramble Nets, Climbing Ropes, Rope Bridges and other playground equipment
  • Ladders – Stainless Steel, Galvanised. Made on Wire
  • Ladders – Timber, round or flat tread. Made on soft rope
  • Gangway Nets – Heavy Duty or Light Duty (Marine Orders)
  • Pump Station Safety Nets
  • Pond Exit Safety Nets
  • Fauna Crossings
  • Balustrade – Wire, Rope or Rope Net
  • Braided Running Rigging
  • Cable Hauling Ropes (>1000mtr depending of breakload requirements)
  • Blasting Mats
  • Personal Safety Lines
  • Static Response and Rescue Braids
  • Double Braid, Spectra, Superbraid and Dyneema Ropes
  • Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Nylon, Manila and Sisal Ropes
  • Truck/Ute Tie Down Nets
  • Winch Ropes
  • Pallet Racking Nets
  • Tag Lines
  • Rope Accessories, Tools and Associated Hardware

Emmetts Ropes works in conjunction with the major rope manufacturers/importers here in Australia and has access to global suppliers. The majority of our products are handmade and we take a lot of pride in our craft, we never knock a job back if it is within our capabilities and no job is too small. Whether you are after a 90mm Double Braid Tug motherline to a tie down rope for the trailer, we can help you with your rope needs.

Some of the sectors we supply and manufacture goods for are Industrial Lifting, Marine Industry, Shipping and Providore Industry, Mining, Aborists, Government Departments, Military, Road and Rail Transport Industries, Civil Engineers and Construction.


About Us » about us
About Us » about us

We also sell direct to the public with a large range of stock in our workshop. If we do not have what you are after we can easily source it for you. You can take confidence in knowing that the people you discuss your needs with are the people that actually do the work.

We have the capacity to ship worldwide with our products being sent to Russia, New Zealand, New Guinnea, Nauru, East Timor, South America and the United States.